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575 Aviation Drive Camarillo,
CA 93010

Phone |  805.383.1100
Fax | 805.383.2037
Email | cma@flyair7.com
ASRI 131.65


AIR 7 povides personalized sales service: from listing your aircraft to personnally showing your aircraft, to managing pre-purchase inspections.  Our sales team eliminates the confusion and stress often associated with aircraft transactions by managing the process for you.

AIR 7 researches aircraft markets and proforms a detailed market analysis of your aircraft. We identify and make comparisons to the current competition aircraft and present our client with a full market analysis and proposed marketing plan.

When representing our clients in the acquisition of the aircraft we look to identify and deliver the aircraft that best fits the mission profile.  Our market search capabilities allow for extensive research of aircraft on as well as off the market. Our consultation is ideal for first-time aircraft buyers as well as start-up flight departments seeking to  purchase their first aircraft.